1)) When it comes to business, sometimes, “being a good middle-man” is key: to not just being in the ‘middle’ mann; exuse the pun.


  • SO, there u have it:On employment: I think gold mining is a good metaphor.  How often do we search wide and far for something outside when we already have what we need close?

    We are all masters at something.  Maybe you are a computer wizard, maybe you are great at painting.  You tell me.  But once you’ve developed a special skill, you don’t have to travel 1000 miles away.  There are people right where you live who need you.

    Happy digging!


    This whole article is just gonna be quoting people ;). .
  • – Try not to take shortcuts, compound interest & marginal gains is all that matter. Each day.., prioritise one thing you want to do, even if it is, a lazy thing to do then u can / atleast be in the habit of knowing you’re readying yourself for something ::

Laziness is “just a habit, not a personality trait”.

— Really good, on Jerry Seinfeild and life hacks:





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