REAL shitt.



Strong word, huh, weak emotion, uh-huh, butt it’s a good motivation – when weak motherfuckers are/be hating on u — and trust me this time/that time will come – in my case from some very weird sources indeed: such as posh, white, sub-urban, middle-class cunts, wankers who think they’re ‘Bout This Life/That Life'” ((doubly frustrating when I,, n even I — who grew up around it, been around it – still got dargs from it/bout it — like that Obama/Pokemon quote ki.. but never been about it””, nor want to be about it ss’pecially since i KNOW nuff people from it, bout it done it doing it & still wanna get out of it. N better themselves b. That’s all I have ever, n’ will ever be about.


1 .

So basically, it’s a weak emotional n’ all but yeah — it fuckin’ works gg.. It motivates u like no other, there’s nothing like proving someone wrong/seeing the look on someone’s face when u do something they can’t believe/ thought u could never achieve. N with me g, I can be a stubborn-egotistical motherfucker, so when I get a knock/or a hater it just make me wanna go hammer.


2)) TM

  • .A lot of people/haters/misguided/envious/jealous — hell even loving people can be misguided in the sense that “they” don’t understand. WELL SHIT, u don’t have to. In the case of my old ‘friend’ the white dude couldn’t understand me just simply because he hasn’t breathed where I’ve had breath, he hasn’t seen what I’ve seen. So who is he to judge me? He doesn’t know what it’s really like for people to doubt u and to REALLY BUILD SOMETHING FROM THE FLOOR UP.. N thus, therefore, I understand, that we were not made to be understood – or to be everyone’s friend/cuppa tea. In the words of Partynextdoor “u ain’t gotta understand me forever”,,.. he uses the words “just a young n**gga from the cityyyyy – u ain’t gotta love it” and this also reflects another struggle my white friend will never understand: wwhen u dress/speak a certain way ((slang, trackies) .. people assume stuff,, n’ then when ((NEVER ASSUME NOTHING B) u from an ethnic minority too, shit ‘white’ people will just assume u ain’t innocent:: what do U know about being followed around the shop, or getting scared looks, or other people of ur race thinking they have to die-hard compete with u, or even being a ‘hybrid’ of culture, of mixed-origin and so repping both parts, it can be hard; at first but then; as my best-mate said “fuck em” the rest: all of them outside ur circle. Don’t pay em no mind, coz it certainly ain’t paying u n u should just, not run from ur emotions but just talk it out with someone close n then move on.
  • The world ain’t all roses, nn rosy, n it’s good to have a little hate/opposition sometimes, it  comes with the territory. N’ it keeps u on ur toes! Coz it’s all about experiences, and emotions, really ain’t it.. This too shall pass so shit — everything’s either a lesson or a blessin’ n this one’s a lesson.., i won’t be forgettin’ anytime soon gg…, but i’m sure as hell i’ll be reminded of it again, when the next paigan comes around. Can’t we all just get along maynee. HAHA







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