‘Nerve’: a film reviewed…

  • Films are, just like literature, or a book, fundementally a work of art. Thus, therefore, one may learn from them, and their respective protagonists’ mistakes. Make no mistake about it ;);), the arts will save u.
  • Hedonism: don’t do it unethically or over-exert yourself, or stupidly, or make important decisions under the influence. Fundementally: do not abuse substances, and do not depend upon them, solely, for your daily-endorphin fix. – ‘Be the master of your habits, don’t let your habits master you’. There are other, still fun, and, admittingly, risky behaviours which we can engage in .. SSuch as gambling, going on walks for recreation/”Clearing my  head..,” sex, food/eating out.., \academia.., museums, art shows, sports, excersice, careers, social lives, & socialising, conversating/politicking.., politics, the arts/media/even social media, hobbies, mechanics, video game. computer science, philanthropy, science, routines and swimming.
  • Peer pressure.: watch out for it and only do things you are 1)) comfortable with or have WELL researched or 2)) really .1 watch for things that will have a long lasting effect.., like trying a highly addictive drug for the first time ((and if, by any chance u are already on/psuedo-addicted to some selection/variety/ of said-drugs then for God’s – sake don’t add to it. ;)..
  • Forcfullness and responsibility: if u happen to be blessed with a skill/quality, or attribute then use it for good; like the girl in the film is pretty but does not use this to coerce or persuade, juxtaposed with the good looking lad who does abuse this and at times ‘makes’ the girl do things she’s actually uncomfortable with, and her friend ‘Sydney’ plays a role in making her think she has to ‘pretend’ to be someone else in order to achieve/succeed. And, also the girl is quite good at standing her ground and actually not bending her moral compass ; despite enough temptation and as they say, the devil comes in many guises.
  • Music, is goolden, and helps make things less intense: god-bless thatsoundtrack coz, without it, ‘Nerve’ coulda become nervous real fast, and i Dont dunnodunno if my heart would have made it.
  • Don’t take too many risks.
  • But don;t be risk adverse.
  • Don’t leave ur true friends behind: keep ur circle tight, and bring them with u as u adapt; don’t think ur suddenly too good for them: true character is when u not only don’t leave people behind/forget where u too started from, but u also, bring pepole forward.

can some1 please do this..

  • Find out what the fuck these ‘toilet tissue’ companies are doign about their “plant promise” like yeah, it’s all well and good to be planting these trees, but can someone/anyone actualllly monitor the proces//progress of tress post-planting – have any sustainably grown into good, strong trees. And is the space they are being planted in sufficient enough? And is the ‘3’ or 4 they are giving’ back statistically numerous enough to justify what exactly they are “taking” from the forests.
  • -= Can someone do a proper, extensive survey, of jobs; like nation-wide ‘job satisfaction’ of white collar AND BLUE COLLAR works/jobs (after all u need blue-collar to maintain/sustain.., ) and then yeah, like UCAS u can compare, n ‘ contrast and really get a good idea as to what the pay structure is, what the job roles are, and what the actual SATISFACTION is ,,.. money aside
  • – but yeah, if any of my younger reader are reading,,. it is : unfortunately, or fortunately, often proportionate that: more money more responsibility
  • With great ‘power ‘ comes great responsibility: e..g. in this case u have to consistently go in to work, everyday, punctually, reliablly, on-time.., Monday – to Friday.., and be on point. . but yeah also potentially taking it more seriously/beingmore grateful for a high-paying job, money, influence.., and cool u can also be having the potential to be altruistic../ /help others come up” or comeb ack too.



R.c R.c


‘White people music’

No ‘ b’, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers & other types of scrutinised heavy/soft rock’..or even metal, are not exclusively for “sellouts”, “white dudes”, or the proverbial ‘other’.

Sadly, they are often for music for people who are ‘educated’ ‘upper-middle’ class, ((it’s Real), but tehey are just as much your rightte to listen to too. They are there, like all other artists, and forms/pieces of art: to be enjoyed, to be subjectively interpretted but objectively admired/impactful, to be provacitive, to force u to have an opinion, ur own opinion. -To essentially, be yourself, and have your own weird socialised experiences/MOMENTS to reflect your feelings/views (Cheeky Drake Plug ttThere, Belter of an album that). And hey, mayybe even alter them: they’re their to learn from and if u ((don’t  it write-off / exclude some genres or even, people, then u “miss out on the others”. 
And, as Oasis ((Noel/Liam Gallagher, one of them ‘cunts’) said, YOU’VE GOT TO BE YOURSLEF,,. n music is a way to express yourself properly so hell, hey – they’re vernacular may even impact your own written/spoken-word FORMform.

Daydreaming about a/the/ “Beautiful Black Girl From Around the Way” ((Scratch that, take out the ‘beautful ”speech marks shit  – don’t fantazine her, and thereby, de-humanise, and oOvertly romanticise  her .. The world does’nt work like that, for now.. STEPS..

-Written thinking, briefly, about career, success, past performances, The Art of War, sharing, ..BNOS… NN BYOB uni shit lool b, n’ paa((partly) ‘That Part’ Schoolboy Q feat Kanye West That Part n Luck, n’ SUPERSTITION – obviously.


N obviously, same goes where some/ocassioanlly very brave ‘white people’ say oh no that’s “black” music or “hood” music: NA B.
It’s everyone’s music, stick two fingers up, *say fuck ’em ((FUCKK THE REST).., supreme n; go consume” it.. ALL OF IT #WHOLISTICVVISION  visionaryy..

Peace autt.


1)) When it comes to business, sometimes, “being a good middle-man” is key: to not just being in the ‘middle’ mann; exuse the pun.


  • SO, there u have it:On employment: I think gold mining is a good metaphor.  How often do we search wide and far for something outside when we already have what we need close?

    We are all masters at something.  Maybe you are a computer wizard, maybe you are great at painting.  You tell me.  But once you’ve developed a special skill, you don’t have to travel 1000 miles away.  There are people right where you live who need you.

    Happy digging!


    This whole article is just gonna be quoting people ;). .
  • – Try not to take shortcuts, compound interest & marginal gains is all that matter. Each day.., prioritise one thing you want to do, even if it is, a lazy thing to do then u can / atleast be in the habit of knowing you’re readying yourself for something ::

Laziness is “just a habit, not a personality trait”.

— Really good, on Jerry Seinfeild and life hacks: http://lifehacker.com/how-to-overcome-your-own-laziness-1676371259








  • Q::Is it just me, or is everyone going batt-shitt crazy with this whole “let”s get moneyy,, n stack upp n’ famee n shitt?!
  • A: We all in the same boat,.. or most of us are anyway.. (The 99ers% comes to mind here.. the majority of the population struggling to get by, while the minority of teh population: have neww'” problems, problems like what to cut back on to afford even-more stuff we do not really need “necessitiy huh”.., n “problems” like which new house will fit all my new, made in Bangladesh shit, trainers. Well: Firstly, lol right now; i’ll be reall it’s even gotten to the point where it’s money over a girl; which is quite bad but i’ll sort that particular interest out.. n’ also, it’s 1)) rather use than famee.. n 2)) utility, n that is way more important, n to quote the migos, “N**a..


  • Q2)) Does it ever feel like ur really worried/anxious — or even exhausted about where the//that next bit a money will come from?
  • WEll A)) 1)) a 9-5/stable/permanent/full-time job will quench that thirst, those worries will be put to bed , n’ tthen u gott the whole new problems of ‘will i be safe/security/tenure/within the role and/or ‘quality of life and happiness index’ etc WITHIN THE JOB BUTT.. u got urself a job, stable income; slow money better than no dough.. so u winning, dw.And, also , moreover, sometimes, it is reassuring// to just reassure urself that 1)) there are indeed somethings money can’t buy,; like the rat race cannot buy u morals, ethics, quality of life, happiness nor good friends/realtionshipps.., n family.. n ,
    Also, additionally,,. sometimes it is a little bit reass, just a little bit, – uring thatt thenn/when to tell yourself when exactly/precisely u WILL be getting money.. e.g. it
  • could even be as humble as like a JSA cheque .., or like a student loan, or a shitty part-time 9-5ishh shift job/work .. but then likee ur good for a bitt.. A lotta plans better than no plans,,. but if u think about a lotta plans, a lotta the time; then u can/will/ burnout.

    Butt , on the other hand, some of us have even parents who can’t support us financially? WHATT ABOUTT ALL THAT PRESSURE?!

  • Well then, shit a)), butt cometh the man, cometh the hour.. OneShotAtATime NHAVEFAITHCOPEEWELLUNDERPRESSUREASSTRESS–>SURVIVAL.







REAL shitt.



Strong word, huh, weak emotion, uh-huh, butt it’s a good motivation – when weak motherfuckers are/be hating on u — and trust me this time/that time will come – in my case from some very weird sources indeed: such as posh, white, sub-urban, middle-class cunts, wankers who think they’re ‘Bout This Life/That Life'” ((doubly frustrating when I,, n even I — who grew up around it, been around it – still got dargs from it/bout it — like that Obama/Pokemon quote ki.. but never been about it””, nor want to be about it ss’pecially since i KNOW nuff people from it, bout it done it doing it & still wanna get out of it. N better themselves b. That’s all I have ever, n’ will ever be about.


1 .

So basically, it’s a weak emotional n’ all but yeah — it fuckin’ works gg.. It motivates u like no other, there’s nothing like proving someone wrong/seeing the look on someone’s face when u do something they can’t believe/ thought u could never achieve. N with me g, I can be a stubborn-egotistical motherfucker, so when I get a knock/or a hater it just make me wanna go hammer.


2)) TM

  • .A lot of people/haters/misguided/envious/jealous — hell even loving people can be misguided in the sense that “they” don’t understand. WELL SHIT, u don’t have to. In the case of my old ‘friend’ the white dude couldn’t understand me just simply because he hasn’t breathed where I’ve had breath, he hasn’t seen what I’ve seen. So who is he to judge me? He doesn’t know what it’s really like for people to doubt u and to REALLY BUILD SOMETHING FROM THE FLOOR UP.. N thus, therefore, I understand, that we were not made to be understood – or to be everyone’s friend/cuppa tea. In the words of Partynextdoor “u ain’t gotta understand me forever”,,.. he uses the words “just a young n**gga from the cityyyyy – u ain’t gotta love it” and this also reflects another struggle my white friend will never understand: wwhen u dress/speak a certain way ((slang, trackies) .. people assume stuff,, n’ then when ((NEVER ASSUME NOTHING B) u from an ethnic minority too, shit ‘white’ people will just assume u ain’t innocent:: what do U know about being followed around the shop, or getting scared looks, or other people of ur race thinking they have to die-hard compete with u, or even being a ‘hybrid’ of culture, of mixed-origin and so repping both parts, it can be hard; at first but then; as my best-mate said “fuck em” the rest: all of them outside ur circle. Don’t pay em no mind, coz it certainly ain’t paying u n u should just, not run from ur emotions but just talk it out with someone close n then move on.
  • The world ain’t all roses, nn rosy, n it’s good to have a little hate/opposition sometimes, it  comes with the territory. N’ it keeps u on ur toes! Coz it’s all about experiences, and emotions, really ain’t it.. This too shall pass so shit — everything’s either a lesson or a blessin’ n this one’s a lesson.., i won’t be forgettin’ anytime soon gg…, but i’m sure as hell i’ll be reminded of it again, when the next paigan comes around. Can’t we all just get along maynee. HAHA