“Wrong Wing.. Consipracy Theory ;)”‘

BASICALLY number1)) it’s a poor social construction, and ironic play on words, that ((as my mates pointed out) ‘right’ wing implies “right” is, well, right. But, “left” has the term/connotation of the phrase “”out of left-field” like radical or away from the norm. Food for thought, potentially negative repurcussions for future generationss learninggs politcs.
2)) aaAnd moreover, “”one” vote in a “democracy” implies a “”‘level’ or atleast ideologically/theoretically playing field../or utility wheras in actuality, never to mind the extent to which new “”current” “neo-liberal’ democracies warp and twist the idea ((like less direct democracy for instance),, or misleading campaings..when there is.. Someone say brexit? But anyway.,., BArriers, in access like, access to education for interest and who’s interests are being represtented like the ruling classes ; for instance means the working class and immigrans don’t vote and shit and are excluded/isolatedd.
P.S. “Left to me” is just good because it’s progressive and involves the righting of the wrongs racism, sexism and classism essentially. Forget divisive politics, and secretarianism, we can focus on collective, education, and healthcare all of which I strongly believe perpetuate cultural change, and self-help.
Written on a sunny, matter-fact boiling, day, day-dreannming out of the windowaa
Welfare Liberalism is probably the best short-term ideal for me in my opinion anyway, if we are to get into Left-wing divides, and with the long term aim of Cosmopolitanism/a big state with a safety net, infrastructure, and capability/capacity to change ((legislation) quickly and be able to provide social security in the form of education and mobility. #We’llSeeWhatHappens
Also Marxist critiques of/between the relationship of employer and employee leads me to believe that we need less workign hours and more political/economic/subsistence potential freedom.. e.g. for instance, #IhhHaveaaAdreamThatONeDayWeWillHAveLessWOrkingHours

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