The One Thing Philosophy Taught Me

React, don’t force, or alter, to YOUR ENVIRONMENT.


See the world, for what it is, as it is predominantly (remedy/find solutions to what you want to fix) – and face it head on. Be brave, be bold, don’t forget which battles you’ve already fought and what lessons you’ve already learnt: acquired, cumulative knowledge and sometimes; it’s better the devil you know. Moreover, take things, one thing at a time. And, listen to your body; it will know what to do. Furthermore, as weird as it sounds don’t overprepare – do what you need to do and then finesse it, do more of what u like – if ur a worrier like me then over-prepping will just make u miserable so worst case, think of the worst case, and then imagine and prepare for the best then just do it no point overtly stressing over the little details once you’ve planned for them and prepared for every eventuality you’re gonna unfortunately just have to be patient and react to the sitaution as it arises: this is one way in which you can not “live inside of your own head” too much; imagination is good but like all skills it can be abused or used to fly too close tot the sunn, and like dd all ggoodd thing ins life be used in moderation andd balancee, but yeah respond don’t preempt all the timee. 

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