LOVE ON THEE LOW::. , no it’s not just a ‘cool asap rocky line’ but it means sometimes, sometimees, u can keep s**tt. D-LOw.. like ur girlfriend/bird doesn’t // / don’t gotta be everybody’s business.. Keep the private sphere private, apart from your circel,, nn eeur the public” ” sphere well, y’know: public.


  • NURTURING LOVE/ PASTORAL CAREe ../ LESSONS// LOOKING OUT FOR SOMEONE IN THE FORM OF BLESSINGS/ WORDS OF WISSssDom NN LLOOKING OUT FOR THEM LVOE, usually to a younger sibling – or the older//ounger kind of – realationshipp
  • . PERSONALISED CATERED:: TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE; what u eat don’t make me shit and same way u can’t have one solution for all ur problems u can’t ave one style of love for all ur siblings: e.g. one of my brothers loves football ((taking a catered approach to 1)) time to listen toWJHAT he really wants,,ss no t what II impose U on himm, andd er. andd then giving it specifically to him coxz another brother might not likee, or even hatee/ a football.


“Wrong Wing.. Consipracy Theory ;)”‘

BASICALLY number1)) it’s a poor social construction, and ironic play on words, that ((as my mates pointed out) ‘right’ wing implies “right” is, well, right. But, “left” has the term/connotation of the phrase “”out of left-field” like radical or away from the norm. Food for thought, potentially negative repurcussions for future generationss learninggs politcs.
2)) aaAnd moreover, “”one” vote in a “democracy” implies a “”‘level’ or atleast ideologically/theoretically playing field../or utility wheras in actuality, never to mind the extent to which new “”current” “neo-liberal’ democracies warp and twist the idea ((like less direct democracy for instance),, or misleading campaings..when there is.. Someone say brexit? But anyway.,., BArriers, in access like, access to education for interest and who’s interests are being represtented like the ruling classes ; for instance means the working class and immigrans don’t vote and shit and are excluded/isolatedd.
P.S. “Left to me” is just good because it’s progressive and involves the righting of the wrongs racism, sexism and classism essentially. Forget divisive politics, and secretarianism, we can focus on collective, education, and healthcare all of which I strongly believe perpetuate cultural change, and self-help.
Written on a sunny, matter-fact boiling, day, day-dreannming out of the windowaa
Welfare Liberalism is probably the best short-term ideal for me in my opinion anyway, if we are to get into Left-wing divides, and with the long term aim of Cosmopolitanism/a big state with a safety net, infrastructure, and capability/capacity to change ((legislation) quickly and be able to provide social security in the form of education and mobility. #We’llSeeWhatHappens
Also Marxist critiques of/between the relationship of employer and employee leads me to believe that we need less workign hours and more political/economic/subsistence potential freedom.. e.g. for instance, #IhhHaveaaAdreamThatONeDayWeWillHAveLessWOrkingHours

Reverse Terrorism

The opposite… Imagine it, visualise, it and finally – fuckingg create it.


So in the instance of terrorism, provide whatI call “”anti-terrorism”, for instance instead of producing results which endager and potentially even radicalise; even more young men,

like the un-availability of jobs, and shit or poor pay available from those jobs there are there to choosee from etc etc ((socio-economic problems,proverty trapps, endless)

but yeah INSTEAD just do something which ‘anarchists’ ((the proper definition of them, wanting/desiring/thinking it’s better to not have a government) call a TAZ: an event that makes you rethink your priorities and has, almost, no place in/within the Capitalist system because it arguably rewrites it. For instance, one I came up with today, mid-day dream I must admit, was to: instead of bombing areas of the middle east, instead rain money down on them this would:

Number one: rewrite the idea/social construct of a bomb” because it would literally be “”raining” something good as oppose to, instead of, the destruction and sadness that usually comes from a “gift” from the sky.

Andd, Number Two: Itt Would Re-write relations, and thus/thereby, impressions, perceptions, and relations, relationshipps, between those in the ‘West’ and those in the ‘Middle East’ aka “one bunch of humans versus another bunch of humans” we really are the only animals to be so divisive and cause/spur so much hatred between one another, when really, in actuality we’re all one ‘race'” but language constructions have led to esentially “breeds”” being so culturally-engrained that we almost “”follow”/ or are misled to such an extent of false nationalism and misguided biology we believe we are actually genuinely, and fundementally different from these people, who are actaully the same animal, and we all bleed the same blood.- You wouldn’t call different types of dogs different races, you just simply call them different “breeds” so for more on breeds/races “”‘Western Collectives” versus “Occidentalism” research those key terms on Google, plus to help your search engine search: key in “”Edward Said”.

Anyways, yeah so Taz’s they make u think huh?! Like one “famous” one (unlike, most celebrities, this was of high utility too: “”Rather USe than Fame afterall, was my highschool’s motto – I fucking love quotes. Shit.” Andd, yeah this Taxz job was to uh pay everyone’s parking meters/parking fine’s and people were so shocked money could be used for good and the social construction../engrainment of selfishness and this idea/conept/conception of “individual” and stranger was re-evalutate d “” bassed on this one small act of kindnes..


Another one is this little one: a paid professional fundraiser actually giving a small amount of his wages to the charity too; so he’s not a hypocrite, and doesn’t ask others for things he/she wouldn’t do. Bang. Boom. TAZ’s THERE U go


. — TaKeHomeEssS : DOn’t be a cunt , judge not ”lest she shall be judged ‘ – mathew some fucking , thing, God forgive me .


Written, whilst watching this entertaining, though slightly uneventful #EUROS2016 game/match



The One Thing Philosophy Taught Me

React, don’t force, or alter, to YOUR ENVIRONMENT.


See the world, for what it is, as it is predominantly (remedy/find solutions to what you want to fix) – and face it head on. Be brave, be bold, don’t forget which battles you’ve already fought and what lessons you’ve already learnt: acquired, cumulative knowledge and sometimes; it’s better the devil you know. Moreover, take things, one thing at a time. And, listen to your body; it will know what to do. Furthermore, as weird as it sounds don’t overprepare – do what you need to do and then finesse it, do more of what u like – if ur a worrier like me then over-prepping will just make u miserable so worst case, think of the worst case, and then imagine and prepare for the best then just do it no point overtly stressing over the little details once you’ve planned for them and prepared for every eventuality you’re gonna unfortunately just have to be patient and react to the sitaution as it arises: this is one way in which you can not “live inside of your own head” too much; imagination is good but like all skills it can be abused or used to fly too close tot the sunn, and like dd all ggoodd thing ins life be used in moderation andd balancee, but yeah respond don’t preempt all the timee.