ANDD. So, to link it to “life’s a beach”. . . .  The main things in life, that can go wrong, in my opinon aree: ((All, chatagorized, and rather simply simplified into either problem(s): 1). Death; grieving and bereavement or your own poetentianlly health scare: mortality, ill health etc.


When someone1 passes, in my opinion you have to understand, that as difficult as it is, they have found peacee.. a usually unobtainable peace for most of us.. complete, blissful peace.


As Plato said: “‘ dead have seen the end of war.”..


THe way they traversed lfie ccann teach u a little something about how/how no to (sadlyytn)… live . ur life. ((Coz a wise man learns from his mistakes, but a VERY WISEEEE MAN EE LEARNS FROM OTherSS.. 2:1).


B.P.:: Better Place.


  • When someone’s dead, they leave a legacy, moreover “”what whhouldd they ahhve wantedd”” They Dont Want/Wouldn’t havee tt wanted u to sit around being/lazy/sad/mourning them overtly/ they’d want u to be happy, get on with ur life and enjoy it, and remmeber them in ur own way and celebrate them in their own wauy (Personal , Subjective) So For Instanec Old Armymen, and drinking buddys ggjust have beers at each otehrs’ respective graves. Messed Up bbutBut We All Have our Own Coping Mechanisms.

2)) Relationships: breakups, are never, easy.

And, maybe it’s just me but, struglling to “maintain”, persist, and (persistantly) juggle, life, commitments, sacrifices, n jobs – a full-time job is tough/rocky, i’ll ask u this, how much time does that  leave u for your girlfriend/wife? Arguably another full time – job, just playing devil’s advocate, and thoughtt provoking here, I Don;t Actually think like that – but i guess the message is no matter how capitalistic u are/it becomes do what u love and love what u do, and always make time for your other half. Simple really right, sounds simplee anyway..another one of those tensions between practice and reality/ or theory. And just make time, not just money. Family, friends, maintenance (low: phonce cal/ high: deep talks, discussions, pubs, etc).


3)) Debt/Bills. Eventually, economics will fuck you too. Bills unpaid, this that life getting in the way, overspendingg. cool


Also, psychologically,;; i just feel likee,, correct me if i’mm wrong, but you feel more sound”” andd “secure’ when u hupr. have ur ‘funds in order’ or paperr/money in checkk




WHen time’s get testing, and time’s a test:


This is what iiI remember,,/try to remmeber when my faith is tested, and it will be, many ttimesst, as Maaggy T said: ((She did have some good qualities, U I assure U, e.g. Women’s rights and pr((predominattlyy,__–)) right, right-wing economic policies,) anyway, u gotta fight a battle many times..

  • 1)) it’s a test, non-relgious/atheists n shit hate it when u say this but in my opinion, not everything happens for a reason” shit/shite but there is defienetly a degree of cause n effect/the butterfly effect in the universe (agginain, just my opinion, the butterfly effect’) 😉 n’ thought provokingg. NN WINDOWS  M OVIE MAKER. THOUGHT PROCESS. But yeah, like trying times, make u stronger.
  • It could be inexplicablly, i think, linked to others’ e.g. “oh there’s bare suffereing,. why’s/how’s there a God U Believe In/If there’s Suffereing Why Would Het Lett Ur Your Your Loved ones suffer/Get Cancer??)) Well I Think, in the instance of someone getting cancer :: OneL It wavy. Arguably, get’s them to confrotn the whole, full extent and “rollercoaster of human emotions” 2)) It get’s the nearest and dfearest to firstly re-consider, and re-evaluate their purpose/their own/finiteness and or / relationship with God. And, moreover can spark a net contribution of good e.g. two parents lose their kid, boom they then spark off and cause off to give a lot to charity and campaign for the charity/cancer cahrities. that may eventually inspire someone to find a cure/ raise awareness to prevent others getting it. Show solidarity with the rest of the family grivieving../helping others through it. And, being tested to be stronng. Having faith even when all seems lost. Havingg faithh, but even then healthily questioning it..
  • — And, God Can Help Make U Believe In Something, Which In Turn Makes U More Patient, Which In Turn, arguablyAa, Makes U A Better Person and thus even if ther’s not one it is spiritually linking you to your fellow human being, and humanity, and if there’s one then win win: you get purgatory, or heaven.

To just be Conscientious About How U Live,  Ur Maker, Ur Origins, Ur Destination, .Ur Decisions, Ur decionso-making processes, ur future, and ur awareness, of others, and the world around u. Is, sometimes, enough.

..In order to win it..

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