ADDICTIONS: – For The Sake Of This Blog: They Shall Be Defined as “”The excessive pursuit/ or engagement with/ an activity, or subtance – or even someone., that could or has done  harm; it is excessive, or an unhealthy obsession..


So, there are baree of them of course: Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll, To Name But A Few. But, this post argues there can also be healthy ones, n inexcessive-((ish)) – obsessions..

1)) If You Have An Addictive Personality, Then U Can Just Change What You Are Addicted To, Over Time. For Innstance some, more ‘socially acceptable’, n ‘healthier’ addictions includei the gym; ‘gym rat’/’metal head’, work; ‘workaholic’, music; ‘hippy’ ((although, do be careful, ‘music’ n art do go unsuually well with drugs, so watch out. N Then There’s Subtle Ones N, Habits likee it can even be wathing a lot of shows or tv: ‘Netflix Head’ ; then atleast, atnticipate it & adjjust it ; like instead of just bing-watching ”Family Guy” or some shit, just watch ‘some’ educational shit..Likee Interviewss N Shit .. “Anthony Joshua Pre-Fight Stuff Is also” Particularly Especcialyy godd because he is a “health freak/fintteness freak”” so it shows how someone successfully battles with obsessive etime consumption to one specific thing, at a time.


Then there is projects, and distractions, like if you know you like substances; some make time slower (like alcohol for instance) , so when you’re sober you gotta fit more into a dayy. So, thus therefore, you can just align yourself to different stuff n stay constantly occupied: activities include: going for a walk ’round the block, watching tv, xbox, showering ((yes it’s thereapuetic mate, allow me)), AAnd sometimes, just reading a book, or the newspaper to give yourself time to think thing’s over,.. Or an Album And A Dark Room.. Also, just sometimes play the “waiting game” this too shall pass, and there ain’t that many hours in the day so just stay sober coz if u do go out in a bad mood Then It’s Like That Song “I Took A Pill In Ibiza..” N U just got on that rollercoaster, which makes it harder to step back off it.., trust, grow as a character, n deal with ur life issues properly, n persistently, but fuck knows anyway. what do i know anyway. U Do Ur Own Thing I’m Just Trying To recommend a little less escapism, healthiness, n more attentiveness to shit that matters, in ur 20s especially.


P.S. It should be noted that much of the “interchangeable” addictions mentioned in this post are more so “functioning” obsessions and hence can be distracted from/alternated between. Moreover, I am not and do not claim to be a psychologist so thus please seek medical help for serious concerns/treatment; moreover there are several studies “anti-depressants” and other prescription medication (from a GP) can ‘slow’ down ur mind/without dumbing it down, sorry Kurt Kobain, andd thus prevent overactive thoughts, and restleness and thus prevent one from “self-medicating” with their own drugs, additionally “cold” Turkey: and simply abstaining from all these vices, short-term difficult, long term reward can help and just hang on in there; prevention being better than cure aside, try to have fun 🙂 and, in the words of my mate who was once addicted to class As, just “ghost for a little bit” (get away from negative cmopany whom u use with, know who your real friends are) and just don’t always “take” the easyy way.


Thank you for reading,



Peace out,








Writtenm WHilst Listening To J Cole “”Runaway””, staring out of the window, on a rainy=day famm. Symbolism.

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