ANDD. So, to link it to “life’s a beach”. . . .  The main things in life, that can go wrong, in my opinon aree: ((All, chatagorized, and rather simply simplified into either problem(s): 1). Death; grieving and bereavement or your own poetentianlly health scare: mortality, ill health etc.


When someone1 passes, in my opinion you have to understand, that as difficult as it is, they have found peacee.. a usually unobtainable peace for most of us.. complete, blissful peace.


As Plato said: “‘ dead have seen the end of war.”..


THe way they traversed lfie ccann teach u a little something about how/how no to (sadlyytn)… live . ur life. ((Coz a wise man learns from his mistakes, but a VERY WISEEEE MAN EE LEARNS FROM OTherSS.. 2:1).


B.P.:: Better Place.


  • When someone’s dead, they leave a legacy, moreover “”what whhouldd they ahhve wantedd”” They Dont Want/Wouldn’t havee tt wanted u to sit around being/lazy/sad/mourning them overtly/ they’d want u to be happy, get on with ur life and enjoy it, and remmeber them in ur own way and celebrate them in their own wauy (Personal , Subjective) So For Instanec Old Armymen, and drinking buddys ggjust have beers at each otehrs’ respective graves. Messed Up bbutBut We All Have our Own Coping Mechanisms.

2)) Relationships: breakups, are never, easy.

And, maybe it’s just me but, struglling to “maintain”, persist, and (persistantly) juggle, life, commitments, sacrifices, n jobs – a full-time job is tough/rocky, i’ll ask u this, how much time does that  leave u for your girlfriend/wife? Arguably another full time – job, just playing devil’s advocate, and thoughtt provoking here, I Don;t Actually think like that – but i guess the message is no matter how capitalistic u are/it becomes do what u love and love what u do, and always make time for your other half. Simple really right, sounds simplee anyway..another one of those tensions between practice and reality/ or theory. And just make time, not just money. Family, friends, maintenance (low: phonce cal/ high: deep talks, discussions, pubs, etc).


3)) Debt/Bills. Eventually, economics will fuck you too. Bills unpaid, this that life getting in the way, overspendingg. cool


Also, psychologically,;; i just feel likee,, correct me if i’mm wrong, but you feel more sound”” andd “secure’ when u hupr. have ur ‘funds in order’ or paperr/money in checkk




WHen time’s get testing, and time’s a test:


This is what iiI remember,,/try to remmeber when my faith is tested, and it will be, many ttimesst, as Maaggy T said: ((She did have some good qualities, U I assure U, e.g. Women’s rights and pr((predominattlyy,__–)) right, right-wing economic policies,) anyway, u gotta fight a battle many times..

  • 1)) it’s a test, non-relgious/atheists n shit hate it when u say this but in my opinion, not everything happens for a reason” shit/shite but there is defienetly a degree of cause n effect/the butterfly effect in the universe (agginain, just my opinion, the butterfly effect’) 😉 n’ thought provokingg. NN WINDOWS  M OVIE MAKER. THOUGHT PROCESS. But yeah, like trying times, make u stronger.
  • It could be inexplicablly, i think, linked to others’ e.g. “oh there’s bare suffereing,. why’s/how’s there a God U Believe In/If there’s Suffereing Why Would Het Lett Ur Your Your Loved ones suffer/Get Cancer??)) Well I Think, in the instance of someone getting cancer :: OneL It wavy. Arguably, get’s them to confrotn the whole, full extent and “rollercoaster of human emotions” 2)) It get’s the nearest and dfearest to firstly re-consider, and re-evaluate their purpose/their own/finiteness and or / relationship with God. And, moreover can spark a net contribution of good e.g. two parents lose their kid, boom they then spark off and cause off to give a lot to charity and campaign for the charity/cancer cahrities. that may eventually inspire someone to find a cure/ raise awareness to prevent others getting it. Show solidarity with the rest of the family grivieving../helping others through it. And, being tested to be stronng. Having faith even when all seems lost. Havingg faithh, but even then healthily questioning it..
  • — And, God Can Help Make U Believe In Something, Which In Turn Makes U More Patient, Which In Turn, arguablyAa, Makes U A Better Person and thus even if ther’s not one it is spiritually linking you to your fellow human being, and humanity, and if there’s one then win win: you get purgatory, or heaven.

To just be Conscientious About How U Live,  Ur Maker, Ur Origins, Ur Destination, .Ur Decisions, Ur decionso-making processes, ur future, and ur awareness, of others, and the world around u. Is, sometimes, enough.

..In order to win it..




Life is pretty difficult, we all know this. Especially these days. The pace of life is relentless, and Capitalism got us all going at it, unconsciously trying to become “productive” workers in the “pursuit of happiness” or, the pursuit “of monetary happiness,, independence, freedom, and showing-offy-ness.”I mean, normally all of these things are quite good (but I’d Argue you can do them whilst being considerate of others, and understanding there’s “”more to life than money””((Cliche number one, are u really suprised by now)).


Imperfection. Education. Abrasive. Harsh.




Don’t get lost in the sauce: When you’re making money, for goodness sakee (againn, just my opinion – i’m sure I’m also guilty of it too but, because, afterall i’m socialised just like u) just don’t be too tooo flashhy. 1)) No one wantss to see “”Too Happy”, n for too long 1.5:: that’s unhuman, there’s stages, cyclicality, and phases too life too. 2)) Everyone works hard for their money, so a bit of modesty, and iff u do have a relatively “flashy/attractive” lifestyle try n a)) show others they can have it too B)) use it for motivational/charitable/conscientiouss/’giving back’ ppurposes. And, don’t be snobbish when u talk/speak to others (e.g. no offencee, but many of my “upper middle class” friends will treat waitors/staff/members of another class – like shit. C’mon, fix up. Like, society, the way I see it, is like an ant’s life everyone can do proportionate work


– if you’re stronger cool u lift more and u reap what u so – ur wedge.. but 1)) u don’t judge others who r skinnier: remmebering we all start from somewhere. N’, u too were skinny/broke(( in the case of money)) too before, or someone somewhere was not as good/well off now so be humble and rememebr ur roots n’ origins. N when it comess to treating ‘them’ like shitt coz u feel “powerful” “snobbish” or “rich” with ur money well just understand THEY’RE doing u a service, so be grateful for it, tip well and be courteous. Also, Don’t Judge/ Or Hate Coz these “immigrants u hate” N (directed at the people who voted “”out’;”” at the EU referendum in 2016)) U Don;t Compplain when ttThe Lithuainian/Romanian Woman delivers u uryour dominoes so u can eat and and sustain nutrition.  to. go to your swanky job everyday. And, yeah just understand we are all linked, and all human, all bleed the same blood, and ‘ave far more in common than diference. We all have value, somee are just more blatanly useful.– to the PERCEPTIONS of a capitalistic economy, and have an egotistical way of showing; partly ((can u really blame them,, due to the media/social)). it due to the psychological implicationss. of money: feeling superiror, momnetarily/quantifiable reasurrance/re-justification/rewards/ compliment of having a lot of cash, and the ego boost that basically comes with freedom in an unfree consumer market.

Un-free consumer choice: at the very least it’s capped because no-one has unlimitied funds, and there are technically no limits on the amount of goods/companies one can purchase/purchase from. – Money is finite, but goods are seemingly infinite. And, that is for one specturm of society. At a slightly lower price point ur just you’re you’re just tryna get by – cop “some” goods, but the expenses are still, relatively, and significantly – in relation to the ‘frustratingly’more affluent part of the population. U r payuig more/ “”spending”” more of your in come, as a percentagee, on foods/electric and “”essentialls, which have become commodified. Thus , ur trying to compete with luxuries (unneccesstieties) whilst still trying to maintain ur ‘shi[‘ andd cop essentialls: like food. So arguably, focus on affordable commodities, and less luxuries – obviously, but this point is foundational to show that when u do have money u should arguably improve your necesseties first, before improving your luxuries, for instance, it sounds cheesy but, eating at wagamas ((food is a relatively simpkle, rewarding, luxury)) is a treat to me and something me and my family can all enjoy so I can get that first and “everyon’es upped it” as well as the basic 3/4 meals a day plus snacks.And, thenn, aftter saving,. and being able to technically “buy it twice” (the true, proper definition of””affording it”” affording something- u can’t really afford it unless u could comfortably buy it tiwce, with ur current bank balance – dion’t sell urself dreams, n get a controll on ur spending/priorites even when u r rich)). Just, like thegovernment there should, again in my fucking opinion, be periods of saving/austerity, and then splashing/responsibly spendingg. On what matters most. mmMMmmhh, ssStill Following, Cool.


Boom, So then There’s FFttThings money Can’t Buy; Manners (self-explanatory), Respect (/RRrespeckk – “”how”s ur day going/emotional wellbeing of others’ u care about, welfare of others not being comprismised at the cost/doing of ur own””), Morals (God, /Faith/Spiritualityy/Doing What’s Right “not just what’s easyy)). ////Making Money In An ethical weay: ((u know, the hippy shitt like “”don’t fuck over the environment/ururYOUR environment whilst chasing money,,)). Don’t forget those who earnt you/learnt you/ supported you/ your support group “”hhwhen you make it””. Like, for a trivial example alchol – for some in the western world – is a good “fun” “reward” so, despite health consequences wwe drink, but what would drink be rrwithout the ones we enjoy it with. Without pepole to enjoy it with.?


So take-homes, don’t be too showy, and it’s quite dissapointing that , I Cant’t ‘t CCCCCCCant comprehenmend// thatt my counsins in Bangladesh, even in Bangladesh, when there are so many more pressing” issues going on, are trying to show off to each other and be “seen” to be doing better. Don’t play the sport just for the claps/applause. And Don’t Compete for A Competition, Compete With yourself, of yesterday, the past, A healthy present, and A Fulfilling FFfuture, and jokinglybanterously/not greddily/ jealously ((is that even a word lol – i promise i wasn’t under the influence, when i wrote THis). Just have fun with itt, And, Capitalism IS NOT A ZERO SUM GAME – so get ytour hand in all the pies, and understand that, with hardwork we can all get some – get a slice, give a slice, n make ur slice count, whilst not watching other people’s slicees’ ((too much)). Cappiche, and most importanly don’t just do a job uuyou love, do whone ddthat’s challenging, sewe it through, and make it count – make it a societyally contribution job – so unforutunaley, bias,; due to seeing the fuckup/fuckeries that the economic sector can actually do and just lived experience really has made me bias to bakrres/ accountants/ but i really do think it’s like wasted potential’ for so many uni grads like, sure u make allot of maoney, but if you really scrutinise it and analyse it , could u 1)) do it for a long time and 2)) what will the world be gainging/ will it bee a better place when u leave it/pass away. Anyway, on paper: again((no denying it’s not socialsied/ccsocially constructedd as , touch typing bithcc, importantt. Butt, there;s more t o life thann it.

And, on paper: a piece of paper,

u can’t take it with u.

WHen u die. 










I mean, all of these thing little things aren’t little.









ADDICTIONS: – For The Sake Of This Blog: They Shall Be Defined as “”The excessive pursuit/ or engagement with/ an activity, or subtance – or even someone., that could or has done  harm; it is excessive, or an unhealthy obsession..


So, there are baree of them of course: Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll, To Name But A Few. But, this post argues there can also be healthy ones, n inexcessive-((ish)) – obsessions..

1)) If You Have An Addictive Personality, Then U Can Just Change What You Are Addicted To, Over Time. For Innstance some, more ‘socially acceptable’, n ‘healthier’ addictions includei the gym; ‘gym rat’/’metal head’, work; ‘workaholic’, music; ‘hippy’ ((although, do be careful, ‘music’ n art do go unsuually well with drugs, so watch out. N Then There’s Subtle Ones N, Habits likee it can even be wathing a lot of shows or tv: ‘Netflix Head’ ; then atleast, atnticipate it & adjjust it ; like instead of just bing-watching ”Family Guy” or some shit, just watch ‘some’ educational shit..Likee Interviewss N Shit .. “Anthony Joshua Pre-Fight Stuff Is also” Particularly Especcialyy godd because he is a “health freak/fintteness freak”” so it shows how someone successfully battles with obsessive etime consumption to one specific thing, at a time.


Then there is projects, and distractions, like if you know you like substances; some make time slower (like alcohol for instance) , so when you’re sober you gotta fit more into a dayy. So, thus therefore, you can just align yourself to different stuff n stay constantly occupied: activities include: going for a walk ’round the block, watching tv, xbox, showering ((yes it’s thereapuetic mate, allow me)), AAnd sometimes, just reading a book, or the newspaper to give yourself time to think thing’s over,.. Or an Album And A Dark Room.. Also, just sometimes play the “waiting game” this too shall pass, and there ain’t that many hours in the day so just stay sober coz if u do go out in a bad mood Then It’s Like That Song “I Took A Pill In Ibiza..” N U just got on that rollercoaster, which makes it harder to step back off it.., trust, grow as a character, n deal with ur life issues properly, n persistently, but fuck knows anyway. what do i know anyway. U Do Ur Own Thing I’m Just Trying To recommend a little less escapism, healthiness, n more attentiveness to shit that matters, in ur 20s especially.


P.S. It should be noted that much of the “interchangeable” addictions mentioned in this post are more so “functioning” obsessions and hence can be distracted from/alternated between. Moreover, I am not and do not claim to be a psychologist so thus please seek medical help for serious concerns/treatment; moreover there are several studies “anti-depressants” and other prescription medication (from a GP) can ‘slow’ down ur mind/without dumbing it down, sorry Kurt Kobain, andd thus prevent overactive thoughts, and restleness and thus prevent one from “self-medicating” with their own drugs, additionally “cold” Turkey: and simply abstaining from all these vices, short-term difficult, long term reward can help and just hang on in there; prevention being better than cure aside, try to have fun 🙂 and, in the words of my mate who was once addicted to class As, just “ghost for a little bit” (get away from negative cmopany whom u use with, know who your real friends are) and just don’t always “take” the easyy way.


Thank you for reading,



Peace out,








Writtenm WHilst Listening To J Cole “”Runaway””, staring out of the window, on a rainy=day famm. Symbolism.