When life’s a beach..

We all take losses, I guess life’s only fair in that it’s unfair to all of us: but when you’re having a bad day, here’s some advice that could help.

  1. sometimes, you can lose the battle not the war. In the example of revision, taking one day off to de-stress and get your shit together, clear your mind and refocus or rethink can be good and healthy. And, despite feeling you’re losing due to wasted time and untold procrastination, that is the short-term; thus the battle but the war continues and in the end I’m sure you’ll do well on that exam/that relationship/those workouts/that job/the interview/savings goals.. or whatever else life is throwing at you. Have a plan but also know sometimes you gotta “roll with the punches” (go with the flow be versatile, and adaptable. Go have a shower bounce back.
  2. You win some you lose some, life is imperfect sometimes you can just write it off and go to sleep *reset* and go again tomorrow. In buddhist philosophy everyday is seen as a metaphorical re-incarnation coz u get 24 whole new hours that don’t have to be determined by yesterday and your relatively free to do whatever you please with them. We all have the same 24 hours.
  3. You’re not alone in whatever it is you’re suffering from: someone out there has been through/is going through the exact same thing, or worse. So be grateful for what you do have and understand this too is temporary.
  4. This too shall pass: pain is temporary and give time some time lol. Soon ul look back and this shit’ll just be a blip in your past.
  5. Be grateful for two things: take a minute just one, and thank God/yourself if you’re not religious or faithful and just be appreciative of two things. The little things count too: it can be as trivial as scoring a freethrow in basketball but it’s still a blessing; moreover someone somewhere in the world would kill for that..
  6. DO STUFF: whether it’s eating (chocolate’s a good one), walking (clear your mind), playing (fuck it go back to boxhead if u have to), listening to music (it really will get you through nearly everything).
  7. Do more of what you enjoy, follow your gut and listen to what your body’s telling you if ur hungry eat if ur tired sleep.
  8. Context. Perspective. Bigger picture, what’re u in it for, why’d u start ur decision in the 1st place and will it kill you – like really will a couple a lecture slides kill u?
  9. Do, or die. “And i ain’t ready to die yet”. Take time slow and steady wins the race.
  10. Don’t suffer in silence: reach out, talk to mates or family and get shit off your chest. Lifestyle’s important too like if uve been excersising regularly and sleeping well that’ll boost ur mood.


*watching ‘power’ on Netflix, munchin green & blacks*. Listening to Lana del rey ‘national anthem’

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