Set em, achieve em, adjust them, reachieve them. Don’t get complacent. Look for, be, find, research inspiration and motivation. You manage you. This sort of self improvement and preservation can be handled with long term and short term goals, as well as some relentless pursuits.

Relentless pursuits are often personal to yourself because my relentless ones don’t run out but for me in particular: mine are cars, watches, charitable causes, and travel. Each are valuable not only as me growing and reaching more targets but for intrinsic value like travel expanding my perspective, cultural knowledge, inspiration, cool views and a slight sense of catching up for lost time coz as a kid we werent too well off n had a big family so didnt really go on holidays. As for charities I believe its important to give back and there’s a never-ending list of charities where I can, have and will donate time or money to. The collections like watches are treats, a fun hobby and can be long or short term goal depending on the price of the watch and what work im doing at that period of time. Works actually another one because I want to be one of the best in whatever field I try, as my dad used to say “If ur gonna do a job do it properly”, and I feel perfecting my craft, reaping rewards and helping/being helped by colleaques is a relentless pursuit – plus aside from sales/other jobs im at uni so my peers there always keep me interested in cool topics from psychology to philosophy and at uni ur job is basically to learn.



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