What This Means to Me

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about what this blog means to me. Before the creation of this blog, the co-author and I discussed a lack of interest in the active participation in discussion of pressing issues by our peers. We saw the need to try and increase the participation of young people in meaningful discussion involving problems that we all face. Consider this blog the preliminary step in an outreach campaign to bring more people into the discussion process.

The title “Progressive Man’s Burden” as it stands is a working title. Although for our female readers this title might seem to convey a patriarchal message, allow me to show that the title is simply meant to be a play on ‘The White Man’s Burden’. For those of you who are familiar with the history of this phrase, you’d know that it doesn’t hold much of a positive connotation. As European powers were playing land grab down in Africa, several of these European nations felt that it was their duty to ‘civilize’ the native people and indoctrinate them with European culture. As such, it was the burden of the European white male of the time to carry out this job. To say that this burden was a noble effort is a bit like saying the Spanish Inquisition was just a little chat between the leaders of the Spanish Monarchy and people living in Spain. Sure there might have been some beneficial results of Europeans passing on their ideology to native Africans, but largely it can be shown whenever a group of people is forced into complying with an ideology or adjust in culture, it doesn’t end well. That’s why I’d like to get into what “Progressive Man’s Burden” really means.

I don’t think any of us can argue that society as a whole hasn’t come a long way in advancements that we have made. The hardest part of being a member of this society though is trying to take an objective stance to show what advancements have been harmful and what advancements have been beneficial. I suppose all in all, one of the main purposes of this blog is to be a platform for an objective perspective on such advancements within fields of politics, economics, philosophy and psychology. Nonetheless, I believe it is our job as people of modern society to continue to advance with purpose in a beneficial direction and to correct what still hinders us.

So far this blog has not been very political, but one of the things that we set out to do was to create a place where we could publish our own personal views in order to use that to expedite further political discussion. With this in mind, I’m sure over the next few posts, the blog will begin to be a bit more political in nature. Thanks again for reading and I hope this allows a bit of insight into what this blog is really all about (to me at least).


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