We’re all afraid of something..

The dark, as a kid, scared the shit out of you right? Gotta be honest with yourself. It did for me. Heights is another common one, but I’m more of an adrenaline seeker so they don’t bother me as much. Some fears are irrational, some are rational, but all fears are human. No one is perfect. My imperfect fears are failure and death (probably pretty common ones lol). Due to my awareness of my fear, I keep an eye on how my thoughts affect my behaviour and emotions. For instance, I try not to do reckless things and then justify it with “oh it doesn’t matter because I’m gonna die anyway”. Moreover, I try not to overdo it on hedonistic behaviour like alcohol consumption when I do succeed; the fear of failure makes success even sweeter for me.


One may have to fight a battle many times in order to win it, and for me fearing failure often results in me overworking and nearly burning out. Therefore, I keep my hours at an achievable and humane level and have regular breaks and time factored in for socialising and other non-work related activities. Balance is key. I scrutinize my workload and feel optimistic about my handling of the fear and problems it manifests because, after all, a problem well stated is a problem half solved.


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One thought on “We’re all afraid of something..

  1. An argument that I would suggest considering is that, in the absence of a provable afterlife, due to the eventual death of the universe, human accomplishment is ultimately useless on the grand scale. No matter what we achieve, what morals we follow, or in what way we live our lives eventually it will not matter as the universe will end. In the face of this we can only consider the local effect of our actions to ourselves or those who come soon after us as predicting the consequences of our actions becomes harder and harder the further away in time you go from the initial action. Morality, ethics, science, philosophy, etc become largely pointless when removed from the local scope due to their long term inconsequence. So now the argument is why be moral or immoral, reckless or mindful? Why not fail if the only reason you do not want to is fear? Under this view we can remove the ethical/moral backing of our actions and consider what our decisions say about us personally. I ask you to adopt the pointless universe model and then evaluate why you want to do anything.


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